Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iraq Security Weekly Roundup Week #4

At least 96 people were killed and 263 injured in Iraqi violence last week. The total number of attacks did not rise considerably from recent weeks, but the number of associated casualties did.

A total of 34 bomb attacks left 61 people dead and 167 injured, including a suicide bombing in Tuz Khurmatu which left 35 people dead and 70 injured. Small arms fire attacks left 35 people dead and 36 injured. There were also several indirect fire attacks (rockets and mortars) but they did not cause any casualties.

The most hostile part of the country was Anbar province, which saw a notable deterioration in conditions. Local Sunni residents continue to demonstrate against what they perceive to be state discrimination against their community. Protests turned violent last week with a number of people killed and injured in stand-offs with the security forces. The local mood is likely to remain volatile and personnel should be prepared for a possible escalation if the government does not take appropriate steps.

Violence was also concentrated in the northern city of Mosul and the province of Salah ad-Din while Baghdad and Diyala province also saw a number of attacks. Both the south of the country and KRG territory in the north were quiet.

Source: AKE

Monday, January 21, 2013

Iraq Security Weekly Roundup Week #3

Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq last week and casualty figures were higher than normal, partly due to a double suicide bombing which hit Kirkuk, as well as a rise in bombings and shootings in the central region. In total, at least 75 people were killed and 301 injured in nationwide incidents.

A total of 39 non-suicide bomb attacks left 23 people dead and 100 injured. An additional suicide bombing in Fallujah and a double suicide bombing in Kirkuk left at least 31 more people dead and 190 injured.

A rise in small arms fire attacks left 20 people dead and six injured. Indirect fire attacks (rockets and mortars) left five people injured.

Salah ad-Din province saw more attacks than any other area, although violence was also concentrated in Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdad and Fallujah. Tuz Khurmatu in Salah ad-Din province also saw several attacks, as did Babil and Diyala provinces.

Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territory remained relatively quiet although the Turkish air force continues to conduct cross-border raids in search of Kurdish rebels. The south of the country saw no major outbreaks of violence. 

Source: AKE Group.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iraq Weekly Roundup. week #2

With the conclusion of Arba'een, levels of violence fell in Iraq last week. At least 39 people were killed and 49 injured in nationwide incidents.

A total of 28 bomb attacks left 18 people dead and 37 injured, a fall from recent weeks. There were no suicide bombings recorded.

Small arms fire attacks left 16 people dead and eight injured, also a lower than normal number.

There was a rise in the number of indirect fire attacks (rockets and mortars) but they left four people injured and no fatalities.

A 17-year-old girl was abducted in Kirkuk while a man held for several weeks was reportedly freed in Anbar province.

Otherwise, it was public demonstrations which caused the most disruption in the country last week. Anti-government protests in predominantly Sunni areas like Anbar province were contrasted by reactionary pro-government protests by pro-government supporters in urban areas around the country, particularly the districts south of Baghdad.

Source: AKE