Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#Iraq #Security weekly roundup

Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week. At least 144 people were killed and 360 injured in nationwide incidents.

A higher than normal number of small arms attacks left 28 people dead and 34 injured. A total of 108 non-suicide bomb attacks left 85 people dead and 270 injured. Five additional suicide bombings left 30 more people dead and 55 injured.

Attacks were concentrated in the cities of Mosul, Kirkuk and Baghdad, as well as throughout the settlements roughly located between them. Incidents were concentrated throughout Salah ad-Din province (with a spike in the Tuz Khurmatu area), with further clusters around Fallujah and Hit (Anbar province), Mada'in (Babil province) and Ba'qubah (Diyala province).

A spate of attacks targeted Shi'ah religious worshippers gathering to mark Ashura. Further attacks on the community are to be expected. The next major religious event in the Shi'ah religious calendar is Arba'een, due around 23 December.

In the south of the country two altercations around Rumailah oilfield prompted a large number of foreign personnel to leave the country, with at least one service company declaring force majeure on its operations.

While levels of violence in the central region were bad, this energy-related development may be much more concerning for foreign investors.

Source: AKE

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#Iraq #security #weekly roundup, week 45

- Levels of violence rose slightly in Iraq last week. At least 136 people were killed and 317 injured in nationwide incidents.

A total of 69 non-suicide bomb attacks left 76 people dead and 262 injured. Small arms attacks left 30 people dead and 18 injured.

Seven additional suicide bombings left 29 people dead and 37 injured. The figure would have been higher but the security forces were able to shoot dead several would-be bombers before they were able to detonate their explosives.

Violence was concentrated in Baghdad and the districts surrounding it in Anbar, Babil and Diyala provinces, as well as in Mosul and scattered throughout Salah ad-Din province. There was also a rise in violence around Kirkuk.

The south of the country was quiet, except for a rare shooting in Basrah city. The Kurdish region in the north of the country was also quiet although the security forces reportedly foiled an attempted terrorist attack in Dahuk province.

Source: AKE