Wednesday, July 22, 2015

spot report: Government Security Response.

- What: Government Security Response.

- Who: Police arrested 3 suspects on charges of robbery, rape, and promoting isis.

- Why: their criminal activities the suspects have been linked to pro-IS graffiti. The criminals were 19 to 20 years old.

- Where: Shatrah, Dhi Qar.

- When: 21/07/2015

spot report: adhesive IED

- What:  adhesive IED.

- Who: An adhesive IED killed a Ministry of Justice employee and injured another.

- Why: conflict reason.

- Where: Adhamiyah, north Baghd.

- When: 22/07/2015 Morning. 

spot report: VBIED - Baghdad

- What: VBIED.

- Who: A VBIED detonated near shops in Baghdad al-Jadeeda at approximately 20:00 hrs.

- Why: 22 people were killed and 44 injured. Baghdad has not seen another IED attack resulting such high casualty numbers with a year.

- Where: Baghdad al-Jadeeda, Baghdad.

- When: 22/07/2015 20:00 hrs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

spot report: freed a kidnapped child

- What: kidnapping.

- Who: ISF freed a kidnapped child and arrested 3 kidnappers.

- Why: due to intelligence information

- Where: Adhamiyah, north Baghdad.

- When: 20/07/2015.

spoot report: Kidnapping

- What: Kidnapping.
- Who: Gunmen in military uniforms stormed a house and kidnapped an occupant.

- Why: The gunmen also stole cash from the home.

- Where: Dora, south Baghdad.

- When: 20/07/2015 Evening.

spot report: ISF confiscated a weapons cache

- What:  Government Security Response.

- Who: ISF confiscated a weapons cache near the border of Basrah and Kuwait.

- Why: The cache included IEDs, fire arms, grenades and mines. Local sources report that the cache belonged to Asaib al-Haq; security forces have not confirmed this.

- Where: Basrah - Kuwait Border.

- When: 20/07/2015

spot report: Targeted Killing - the Inspector General of the Popular Mobilization for Basra.

- What: Targeted Killing.

- Who: Gunmen fired on the car of the Inspector General of the Popular Mobilization for Basra.

- Why: No one was injured. The attack was carried out by militants armed with silence pistols in two civilian cars. The gunmen fired on the Inspector General’s motorcade near the al-Madina Bridge.

- Where: Al-madina bridge, Qurna, Basrah.

- When: 19/07/2015 Evening.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Spot report: targeted killing - civilian

- What: Targeted killing
- Who: An unidentified man was found shot and killed.
- Why: unknown reason.
- Where: Husseiniya, north of Baghdad.
- When: 19/07/2015 Evening.

spot report: Targeted Killing - ISF

- What: Targeted Killing
- Who:  The assailants have not been identified.
- Why: Gunmen shot and injured 3 ISF members.
- Where: Zaidan, Abu Ghraib, Baghdad.
- When: 19/07/2015 Evening 

spot report: IED attack

- What: roadside IED.
- Who: A roadside IED targeted shops.
- Why: killing 1 civilian and injuring 6.
- Where: Amin, northeast of Baghdad al-Jadeeda, Baghdad.
- When: 19/07/2015 Evening.

Spot report: roadside IED

- What: roadside IED.
- Who:  targeted a café.
- Why: killing 2 people and injuring 7.
- Where: Diyala Bridge area, southeast of Baghdad.
- When: 19/07/2015 Evening.

Spot report: IED attack

- What: IED explosion.
- Who: Roadside IED hits an Iraqi Army patrol.
- Why: 1 soldier killed, 3 others injured.
- Where: Arab jabour area of south Baghdad.
- When: 9/07/2015 Afternoon.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spot report: IED - defuse a motorcycle bomb

- What: IED
- Who: Bomb disposal experts defuse a motorcycle bomb. The bomb had reportedly been placed near a Shiite shrine in the area.
- Why: attacking district.
- Where: the Banks district of northeast Baghdad.
- When: 19/07/2015 Morning.

Spot Report: Threat Warning

- What: Threat Warning.

- Who: isis terrorist.

- Why: Basra police arrest isis terrorist suspected of planning a VBIED attack at Um Qasr Port. The terrorist was reportedly from Fallujah.

- When: 18/07/2015.

- Where: Um Qasr, Basrah, Iraq

Spot report: Government Response - VBIED Captured

- What: Government Response - VBIED captured.

- Who: #ISIS terrorist driving a VBIED.

- Why: Federal police reportedly stopped the vehicle and arrested the terrorist after it was discovered they were carrying a fake ID card. A bomb disposal team was able to successfully dismantle the VBIED, which was in a Kia type vehicle.

- Where: Amil area of southwest Baghdad.

- When: 18/07/2015 Morning.

Spot report: #IED

- What: IED
- Who: 2 killed, 6 injured.
- Why: Roadside IED explodes near a market.
- Where: Rashdiya area of north Baghdad
- When: 18/07/2015 Afternoon

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Spot report: Armed Clashes

- What: Armed Clashes

- Who:  Tribal clashes break out 

- Why: Tribal clashes results in: 1 killed, 2 injured. The clashes reportedly involved small arms fire from automatic weapons.

- Where: al-Maymunah area (approx 20 km southwest of Amarah).

- When: 17/07/2015 Afternoon

Friday, July 17, 2015

spot report: #IED targeted #PMU

- What: IED

- Who: 1 #PMU member killed injuring 6.

- Why: A roadside IED targeted an #PMU Ashura Brigade patrol

- When: 16/07/2015 Evening

- Where: Arab Jabour, #Baghdad

Spot report: #IED

- What: IED

- Who: 1 person killed and 6 injured.

- Why: terrorist attack.

- When: 16/07/2015 Afternoon

- Where: al-Sahaa, south of the Dora Expressway, Baghdad

Spot report: Protest in Majnoon area.

- What: Protest.

- Who: Protestors blocked the road to the Majnoon oilfield on Friday morning, preventing Shell employees from accessing the area. Police have been deployed to reopen the road. 

- Why: Initial reports indicate that the protesters are angry about power cuts.

- When: 17/07/2015 Morning

- Where: #Majnoon oilfield, #Basra, #Iraq. 

spott report: the incidents outlined below;  local reports indicate that the situation in the areas of Madina, Quarna and the Majnoon concession, remains extremely tense, with ISF withdrawing, from some areas.

- What: Protest.

- Who: Protesters clashed with police in Bani Mansour, south west of Qurna, on Thursday night, 1 protester was killed and 2 injured.

- Why: Police report that the protest was the result of anger due to electricity cuts in the area.

- Where: Bani Mansour, Qurna, 

- When: 16/07/2015 Evening


local reports indicate that the situation in the areas of Madina, Quarna and the Majnoon concession, remains extremely tense, with ISF withdrawing, from some areas.

All nonessential movement, transiting these area should be avoided, with careful route panning and sound emergency response procedure being advised when conducting essential movement.

Additionally; given the current significant calendar events and this situation, those who employ heavily from these areas may experience a higher than normal level of absenteeism from places of work, heightened situational awareness should also be implemented at places of work, during periods of wide spread public unrest.

Spot report: Government Security Response - an important announcement, which may be of relevance to those of you currently operating within Baghdad.

- what: Government Security Response
- who: Iraqi Security Forces (ISF): Palestine St, Rabai St, Zawra St. and major streets in Mansour and Karada will be closed as of 17:00 on 17 July for Eid al-Fitr. ISF also banned large trucks from entering Baghdad as of Thursday evening. Checkpoints and random searches will be expanded across the city.
- Why: These security measures are intended to prevent IS attacks during Eid al-Fitr.
- where: Baghdad
- when: 17/07/2015 - 21/07/2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015

spot report: #IED / #terrorist_attack

- What: IED / terrorist attack.
- Who: Ministry of Construction and Housing employee.
- Why : terrorist attack.
- Where: Palestine St. Baghdad
- When: Today morning. 

Spot report: IED / terrorist attack

- What: IED.
- Who: shops in the public market.
- Why: attacking civilians, killing 2 people and injuring 7.
- When: 16/07/2015 Morning
- Where: Bakriya, west Baghdad

Spot Report: Targeted Killing

- What: Targeted Killing.
- Who: 2 civilians.
- Why: found shot and killed 
- When: 16/07/2015 Morning.
- Where: Hay al-Nasr, east of Sadr City, Baghdad.

Spot Report: Targeted Killing

- What: Targeted Killing
- Who: 3 civilians.
- Why: Shot and killed.
- When: 16/07/2015
- Where: highway 1 in Shuala, northwest Baghdad.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Spot Report: high worth Roberry

- What: Robbery/Criminal Activity.
- Who: Armed robbers
- Why: The criminals stole 110 million IQD, 40,000 USD, and 30 million IQD worth of jewelry.
- When: 12/07/2015
- Where: Dur al-Naft, Basrah city

Saturday, July 11, 2015

spot report: criminal activity

- What: Robbery/Criminal Activity.
- Who: Gunmen in military uniforms robbed a bank.
- Why: stealing 250 million IQD.
- When:11/07/2015 Morning.
_ Where: Tamim St. in al-Hayyaniyah, west #Basrah city, #Iraq 

Sopt Report: Iraq

- What: Target killing.
- who: A civilian was killed in a drive by shooting  The gunmen drove a white Peugeot.
- why: unknown reason.
- when:  10/07/2015 Afternoon
- where: al-junainah #basrah #Iraq