Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#Iraq Security weekly roundup

Levels of violence rose in Iraq last week as the country took part in national elections. However, the deterioration in conditions was not as bad as other spikes which have taken place in recent months.

AKE documented a 450 per cent rise in the weekly number of attacks in the run-up to the 30 April elections when compared to the comparative period in the run-up to the polls in 2010. Nonetheless, election day itself saw fewer attacks and a lower number of casualties than the 2010 polling day.

Over the course of the week at least 162 people were killed and 369 injured in nationwide incidents, which is very high for Iraq, but not as high as some of the more bloody weeks seen in recent months.

A total of 63 non-suicide bomb attacks left 40 people dead and 154 injured. At least 15 additional suicide bombings (the highest number documented by AKE since the company began recording such attacks in 2007) also took place, leaving 57 people dead and 117 injured.

Small arms attacks left 25 people dead and 28 injured. Indirect fire attacks (rockets and mortars) left 22 people dead and 64 injured.

Violence was concentrated in eastern Anbar province, Salah ad-Din province, Ninawa province, Diyala province, Ta'mim province and Baghdad, with a cluster of violence in northern Babil province.

There was also a scattering of incidents in Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territory in the north, as well as in the predominantly Shi'ah and comparatively stable south.


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