Monday, February 9, 2015

Iraq Security Weekly Roundup, week 5

Islamist militants led by the Islamic State (IS) organisation continue to battle with the federal and Kurdish security forces in several parts of the central and northern region.

Violence remains most pronounced in Anbar, Salah ad-Din and Ninawa provinces. Conditions have eased in Babil and Diyala provinces although incidents continue to take place on a regular basis in both.

Baghdad also continues to see daily attacks, although last week the authorities relaxed the night-time curfew imposed on the city since 2004.

Last week a total of 24 non-suicide bomb attacks left 29 people dead and 69 injured. Five additional suicide bombings left 32 people dead and 84 injured.

Small arms attacks left 29 people dead and 39 injured, including members of the security forces shot during clashes with militants.

Indirect fire incidents (rockets, mortars and military artillery shelling) left 20 people dead and 68 injured, especially around Fallujah.

At least 128 people were publicly executed by militants or murdered only to have their bodies later recovered by the authorities.

Source: AKE 

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