Monday, March 31, 2014

#Iraq #Security weekly roundup

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week but conditions remain highly hostile nonetheless. At least 118 people were killed and 345 injured in nationwide incidents.

A total of 59 bomb attacks, including two suicide bombings, left 58 people dead and 188 injured. Small arms attacks left 35 people dead and 72 injured.

Indirect fire attacks (rockets and mortars) left 19 people dead and 85 injured. The security forces also continue to clash with Islamist militants, mainly around urban parts of Anbar province, the border with Syria and sporadically in parts of Babil, Diyala, Ninawa, Salah ad-Din and Ta'mim provinces.

The oil-rich south of the country was quiet last week although the security forces remain on alert for potential attacks. Militants are reportedly intent on infiltrating the area from Anbar province via the desert.

The Kurdish governed autonomous territory in the north of the country was also quiet last week although militant attacks on interests, particularly the Kurdish security forces, remain a possibility.

Source: AKE