Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#Iraq #Security #Weekly roundup , week #43

 There was a fall in the number of attacks taking place in Iraq last week, but several of those which did take place involved large numbers of casualties.

As such, the total number of fatalities remained high. At least 163 people were killed and 371 injured in nationwide incidents.

A total of 47 non-suicide bomb attacks left 82 people dead and 230 injured. While this is a high number it is still a lower figure than that recorded in recent weeks.

Four additional suicide bombings left at least 67 people dead and 137 injured. One targeted a predominantly Shabak village near Mosul, highlighting the ongoing risk posed to minority communities in the country. Another suicide bombing targeted a busy café in Baghdad. The other two targeted civilians and government interests in the central provinces.

A lower than normal number of small arms attacks left 11 people dead and four injured. There were also several indirect fire attacks (rockets and mortars) reported, mainly in Anbar province, although they caused no casualties.

Anbar was the most violent province but there were other clusters of militant attacks in Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk and southern Salah ad-Din province.

The south of the country saw no major incidents of violence at all, while Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territory was also quiet.

Source: AKE Group