Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Iraq security weekly roundup, week 48

 A major oil and gas conference will be taking place in Basrah city centre over the coming week. The event is likely to see accommodation booked up, which could make it difficult to find places to stay. The event has also seen attempted terrorist attacks in the past, with bombs reportedly defused by the authorities on the main road between the airport and the conference centre in December 2011. Personnel are advised to exercise caution and ensure that proper risk mitigation procedures are in place if they intend to take part in the event.

Last week a total of 43 bomb attacks left 49 people dead and 163 injured. There were additional attempted suicide bombings but the security forces managed to prevent them and shoot dead the would-be attackers. 

Small arms attacks left 33 people dead and 62 injured, including members of the security forces shot during clashes with militants.

Indirect fire incidents (rockets, mortars and military artillery shelling) left 12 people dead and 55 injured.

At least 35 people were publicly executed by militants or murdered only to have their bodies later recovered by the authorities.

At least 19 people were also reportedly abducted, although several are likely to be executed in captivity rather than released in exchange for a ransom.

Militants led by the IS organisation continue to battle with the Iraqi security forces in several parts of the central and northern region.

Counter-insurgency operations have intensified over the past two weeks, with a major increase in clashes between IS militants and the security forces (including pro-government militia groups) in the central region. 

International air strikes also continue to target IS targets, although a large number of civilians were also reportedly killed in some of the bombings last week.

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