Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Iraq Security weekly report

Islamist militants led by the Islamic State (IS) continue to battle with the federal and Kurdish security forces in several parts of the central and northern region. However, last week also saw a jump in the number of bombings taking laces in southern Iraq. The southern attacks were relatively small in scale but their timing would suggest a co-ordinated effort which is a concern given currently heightened security measures which are supposedly in place in the region.

Countrywide a total of 55 non-suicide bomb attacks left 20 people dead and 96 injured. Six additional suicide bombings left 25 people dead and 130 injured. Small arms attacks left 11 people dead and one injured, including members of the security forces shot during clashes with militants. Indirect fire incidents (rockets, mortars and military artillery shelling) left 18 people dead and 45 injured. At least 54 people were reportedly abducted, including large numbers of security force personnel believed to have been taken by IS militants in the north of the country (although the true figures are difficult to verify). The authorities also recovered up to 42 bodies abandoned in several areas.

Source: AKE

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