Monday, October 6, 2014

Iraq Security weekly report, week 40

Last week a total of 22 non-suicide bomb attacks left 38 people dead and 134 injured. Two additional suicide bombings left 23 people dead and 24 injured.

Small arms attacks left 34 people dead and 14 injured, including members of the security forces shot during clashes with militants. Indirect fire incidents (rockets, mortars and military artillery shelling) left 12 people dead and 27 injured.

At least two people were reportedly abducted. The bodies of 28 people were also reportedly recovered after they were murdered by militants.

International air strikes continued to target Islamic State (IS) personnel and assets, especially in parts of Ninawa, Ta'mim and Anbar provinces, although strikes also took place in other areas such as the outskirts of Baghdad, Babil, Diyala and Salah ad-Din provinces.

Heavy clashes between IS militants and the security forces (including federal troops, Shi'ah militia groups and the Kurdish Peshmerga) also took place in many parts of the central and northern provinces, accounting for the bulk of the week's violence.

Source: AKE 

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