Monday, October 13, 2014

Iraq security weekly report, week 41

Islamist militants led by the Islamic State (IS) continue to battle with the federal and Kurdish security forces in several parts of the central and northern region. International air strikes also continue to target the group, especially in parts of Ninawa, Ta'mim and Anbar provinces, although strikes also took place in other areas such as the outskirts of Baghdad, Babil, Diyala and Salah ad-Din provinces. 

Last week a total of 30 non-suicide bomb attacks left 59 people dead and 140 injured. A spike in suicide bombings (the country experienced nine, all in the central region and Baghdad) left 74 people dead and 154 injured.

Small arms attacks left 29 people dead and 15 injured, including members of the security forces shot during clashes with militants. There was a rise in indirect fire incidents (rockets, mortars and military artillery shelling) which left 77 people dead and 97 injured, all in the central region.

At least 29 people were also publicly executed by IS militants or found abandoned in the streets having been murdered by unknown individuals in locations ranging from Mosul to Basrah.

Source: AKE

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